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Imagine you can have all the books you love in one place, and always with you. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to access our library on any device, at any time. More than thousand books are waiting for you – read them while waiting a friend, in a café, or while riding a bus to work. All the spare time you had no way of spending better can now be filled with learning new things and exploring new worlds.

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Improved concentration
Provides Relaxation
Language Learning
Boosts Memory
Mental Stimulation
Writing Skills

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James Ellis


Very happy that I subscribed, I’ve learned so much from these self-help books even though I use to read only fantasy/fiction.

David Vazques


I am always on the move and even though I love real libraries, I really don’t have time for that. This was a perfect solution for me, all the books seem to fit me and they are available to me at any time.

Tobias Pierce


Since my office is basically everywhere, I fly a lot and at last I’ve found a way to pass that time on the plane that otherwise goes to waste. Also, learning about new things is very useful in my profession.